Thursday 1st August 2019
Create Your
Phenomenal Self
A Unique Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching & Counselling
Event To Give You The Opportunity To Progress In Life
& Let Go Of Any Fears, Worries Or Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back & Work Personally With One Of Our Team At Our
Exclusive Venue At Nonsuch Mansion In Surrey!


Awareness, Breakthrough & Transformation!
One To One Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy
A Sumptuous Buffet Dinner
2 Glasses Of Prosecco + Soft Drinks 
PLUS Britain's Got Talent Finalist, The Brilliant Wayne Woodward To Entertain You!
This Event Is For You If:
  •  You have a problem/issue that affects your day to day life.
  •  Or perhaps you often feel as if you are not good enough or feel you are unlovable?
  •  Or potentially an event in your life has created a block that stops you from moving forward?
  •  Maybe you feel stuck in the past (depressed) or constantly worry about the future (anxiety)?
  •  You feel now is the time to take 'the leap of faith', to take control, to find the real you again.
Day Itinery:


We begin to uncover the blocks holding you back in life. You will discover your rules, mistaken beliefs and fears that you have created to protect yourself due to experiences and events of the past. 
The unconscious rules keep you comfortable but leave you feeling stuck. The mistaken beliefs that you have held for so long block your progress. The fears that you hold inside make you hesitate and retreat.
You prepare yourself for change.
A sumptuous buffet lunch, beverages plus and a chance to enjoy exclusive use of the beautiful mansion gardens in the height of summer!
Day Itinery:


You work one to one with your Elite Coach/Therapist with a powerful intervention tailored for you. The intervention will be professionally chosen for the issues presented and may be in the form of Hypnotherapy, Strategic Intervention, Counselling or Coaching.


The Magic Is In You! 
This is the moment when you return to being the person the Universe always wanted you to be and more.
You can create the life you wish to live in. 
You are powerful beyond measure.

Then it's on to the evening with a chance to hang with our team of coaches  and entertainment by our special guest singer, the brilliant Wayne Woodward from Britain's Got Talent!
John Mill is a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Master Coach, Strategic Interventionist, Public Speaker and the Best Selling International Author of LifeScripts.
He is also the founder of Evolve College that helps everyday people transform into successful Certified Elite Life Coaches utilising coaching & counselling strategies and the incredible power of hypnotherapy.
Past Create Your Phenomenal Self 
Hi, I'm John Mill and last year Create Your Phenomenal Self was the culmination of 18 months of working 19 hours per day to bring a dream together. I have never been scared to tell the story of my colourful past and I hope to inspire people to change the story of their lives.

So one day back in October 2016 I created a video in the middle of the night after dreaming up an idea to run a life coaching college, publish a book and hire a mansion to host a huge transformation event for the public, not too much then! I went through many setbacks, problems and challenges as you often do when you are chasing a dream.

But I never ever quit. It's something I have deep within my core, to never accept failure and eventually in August last year the event happened. We not only blew the minds of all our attendees, we also kept a very careful secret hidden for the big day. There was a competition to build children's bikes to win a prize. We made teams, we gave them a crossword puzzle to do and then when the bikes were made...

the real winners came out.
Excuse the drunk me at the end... It was a long day!

I'm pretty sure that CYPS 2019 will have another secret or two hidden up its sleeve and I can promise you if you come along we will look after you, 'edutain' you and help you make the changes you need, to have a charmed life. See you in August!
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